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Products & Services

Sprint2MVP offers made-to-measure custom website development and an Online Marketing Platform (As-a-Service).

We consider it our cause to lower the entry barrier and reduce the online marketing burden for the backbone of the American economy—manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors.

We feel so passionate about it that we've put in a stick of dynamite in it and blew up the old model of over-reaching, over-engineered, over-designed, and over-complicated websites.

Why did we do this? So that we could create a new model where attractive, modern, responsive, best practice, websites are launched with just the core features in the shortest possible time.

Made-to-Measure Custom Websites

We make websites made-to-measure. What that means is we study industry best practices and collecting useful and good design patterns, then we refine then (still using general website best practices) and create a selection of industry patterns and designs that just need your logo and company color palate to assemble an attractive, best practice, modern, responsive, made-to-measure, MVP website.

Sprint-to-MVP is our build methodology. It is employed in every made-to-measure build. It is a time-boxed, fixed price development model that gives you all the necessary core website marketing features without the things that you don’t need.

Sprint Ex, is for those customers who want to have more done after their core launch. We continue your project where we left off (MVP) , following the agile scrum methodology we work against new backlog/feature items, sizing the sprints to a refined backlog of stories and tasks.

Online Marketing Platform (As-a-Service)

Your website is powered by the latest WordPress CMS, hosted in our US environment, and managed by us, for you. We take care of all the website management activities. There are no back-ups or updates for you to manage, we handle it all.

We generate reports so that you can know what is going on, but you don’t have to get in and get your hands dirty to find out.

Pop-up Sites

When you need to take a new product or idea to market quickly, we call these pop-up sites. Just like a pop-up restaurant allows restaurateurs to try new concepts, new locations and new menus without overwhelming existing restaurant operations, pop-up sites do the same.

We do this for ourselves. In fact, this site is a pop-up site of Experis.Solutions. Sprint-to-MVP is a new product that would likely get lost in our primary site, and wouldn't help us take this product to market as quickly with an immersive experience for the ideal customer the product is aimed at.

Bridge Sites

A bridge site is a new, small, sufficient to purpose MVP site for brands when a major redesign means lost opportunity while the planning, design and build are going on. Bridge sites use the Sprint-to-MVP-as-a-Service Platform to bring a modern, attractive, best practice website to life in the shortest possible time.

Again, we use our own services. Experis.Solutions the site that is our new parent site is such a site. Our global corporate marketing an IT are putting going through a series of large redesigns that were going to delay our go to market activities and lose us the opportunity to tell the marketplace who we are, what we do and how we are different. Experis.Solutions was launched in 4 weeks and will be the bridge to the brands next site that will launch sometime next year. We will gain a full six month head start going to market with our new messages and offerings.