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Sprint-to-MVP offers Made-to-Measure B2B websites using established patterns, best practices, and industry standards, getting to market in the shortest possible time.


This clothing term refers a particular manner of crafting a suit. At we use it because it describes the way we build websites. We don’t use off-the-rack themes or templates like you might find on the low end of the web experience spectrum, but we also don’t go to the trouble and expense of crafting websites from scratch. Why would we? Our ideal customers don’t need it and shouldn’t have to pay the costs (time and money) when made-to-measure gives them essentially the same thing in less time and for less effort (cost).


Why do we focus on Business to Business websites? Well, to be honest, we believe this group has been under-served and over-sold. Manufacturers, distributors and suppliers are the backbone of our economy and there is a better way to go-to-market online, and it doesn’t need long and gratuitous design and development cycles.

If you are succeeding with a less-than-stellar website, then you are to be commended, but imagine how much more business could your company do if your online marketing platform (website) were attractive, modern, and built to best practices and known standards, ready for all of today’s devices, tuned to your ideal customer.

Established Patterns

We don’t try to create a completely custom website for everyone, why would we?

The widespread adoption of smartphones gives us a reason to focus on great content and suitable design. The usability of smartphone made the effort for creating a custom design seem gratuitous and self-serving. You’ve been told that your customers expect your design to say something about your company. But is that right?

Take your corporate office building as an example. It is most likely a pattern-based design, in an office park. Similarly, your warehouse or factory is likely a simple nondescript tilt-wall building.

Your brand personality and brand promise are not something that must be expressed in a custom visual design. It is expressed in the way you conduct business, the quality products, and the services you make. If your office or distribution center can be in an office park, or made with tilt-wall, then your website can benefit from similar industry patterns and website best practices.