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Product Roadmap

Sprint-to-MVP is an Online Marketing Platform-as-a-Service. Because of that, our product roadmap can include features and benefits for the core product platform as well as the productize services that support the platform.

Online Marketing Platform-as-a-Service

The core of our offering is the online marketing platform-as-a-service. In an “online first” marketing model, savvy online marketers as well as marketing technologists are needed to achieve success. For our ideal customers, our platform exists to eliminate the need for marketing technologist. Our ideal customer just want to focus on their content.

Content Patterns

Target – Late Dec 2020

Content patterns will be a select group of page layouts that are common in B2B websites. They have enough flexibility to be creative, without enough slack to tangle yourself up in bad design and wasted time.

Early Adopter Program

We’re offering a discounted, made-to-measure, pattern-based and hosted website.

This offer is for select B2B organizations in the manufacturing and distribution industries interested in piloting our new Sprint-to-MVP managed website platform.

If your B2B organization has a tired and dated design, and your organization has no time or talent to manage the online market technology, then reach out and let’s see if you qualify for our early adopter program.