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Measure Up

Why you are here

Getting people’s attention to talk about a new product is very difficult. Most efforts rely on tired and annoying tactics that people have learned to ignore. So, we thought we’d try a novel approach—we call this a Tchotchke Ambush.

Isn’t it much more pleasant to receive a nice little tchotchke—a bauble, a trinket, a souvenir—to draw your attention here to our landing page? Isn’t it much less annoying than receiving an unsolicited email or a cold call?

We think so, and it looks like we at least succeeded in getting you here. Now we hope you’ll stick around long enough for us to explain what’s going on. We think you may find it interesting, and quite possibly, even more rewarding.

What this is about

We are a product team. We are in the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage of a new product, Websites-as-a-Service. We are seeking early adopters to get product feedback.

Not only that, we are looking for one ideal customer prospect to give access to this product at no cost.

Is it crazy?

…to give away free stuff? Our product team thought it was a cool idea😎 …that is until they discovered they weren’t getting anything.

Our bosses🤔 Well, yes…to be honest, they’re a little skeptical. But, then they said “go ahead with your crazy little idea!” Perhaps they’re a little crazy too.😜

We are a little desperate for product attention and feedback. If this seems crazy desperate, we blame it on COVID and a bad case of cabin fever.

The results are in…

Our parent organization and sibling products all survived the test. They actually like what we designed and built for them.

  • 9 – The number of sites we’ve designed, built, and now manage using our new process and infrastructure.
  • 6 – The maximum number of weeks it took us to go from nothing to a custom MVP website.
  • 4 – The number of custom, made-to-measure, pattern-based, mood board designs we’ve used.

A free website?

Yes, that’s right, we are giving away a custom, made-to-measure, B2B website, hosted on our secure platform at no charge for two years. After that, you can stay with us and pay the annual subscription fee, or we’ll move you to an equal environment where you can adopt it and take care of it yourself at your own expense.

What’s our goal? Why are we doing this?

Remember our sad story about needing product feedback? That’s it. We are just trying to get product feedback and test our systems with a gentle and friendly client, who just got a free website. Could it be your business?

Ready to sign up?

It’s super simple. Just fill out this form and tell us that you are interested. We’ve only sent this offer to a small number of businesses. In fact, this offer is only for those we reached out to through our campaign.

Once you’ve filled out the form, we will contact you to ask some questions that help us select the right candidate for this no-charge website offer. Once we have selected the makeover candidate, we will not contact you again, unless you want us to.

You’re still not convinced? We understand.

It’s a difficult decision to make. We don’t take that lightly. Perhaps you would like to read more about Websites-as-a-Service, about us, or some of our frequently asked questions.

Otherwise, would you at least consider giving us some feedback on our Tchotchke Ambush campaign?

We’d love some feedback on our Tchotchke Ambush. Whether you choose to be a candidate for our no-cost website or not, we would love to get some feedback on this campaign that we ran to get your attention.

What’s a Website-as-a-Service?

It’s like office space for your business, but it’s for your business’ website.

Just as an office building landlord manages the landscape, the washrooms, the utilities, fire safety, security, etc., we do the same, but for things related to properly managing a secure and high performing website infrastructure.

Who We Are

Well, as we said above, we’re a small product team at

We, the ones who sent you the package, are the Website-as-a-Service product team. We specialize in the areas of user experience (UX) design and web content management systems (WCM/CMS).

Hey, look! You finally made it to the bottom of the page.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about us, our product, and this offer:

We needed a small item that we could easily ship and that would work as a tchotchke. We chose the tape measure because of two things.

  • Our makeover offer was sent to businesses with websites that didn't measure up to current best practices and standards. We know...that seems insulting, but we figured that you probably knew anyway.
  • We call our custom website process "Made-to-Measure." (See more below: "What is Made-to-Measure")

Think of it like renting office space where the building owner takes care of the building, landscaping, common areas, and all the infrastructure (electric, gas, water, security, fire, etc.). You just move in your furniture, business systems, and people—in this case, that is your content and your strategy.

In the men's suit industry there are generally 3 types of suits you can buy: Off the rack (think department store), custom (think $5,000+ suits from a tailor), and made-to-measure (the hybrid of "off the rack" and completely custom).

When we make websites we use design patterns that we have already built by observing best practice trends on the web. We use these patterns to create custom sites. It reduces the time to build, which reduces cost, and it reduces subjectivity in the design process.

In our vocabulary, it is a minimum viable product, the smallest thing you can deliver as a viable product to get customer feedback and determine what to add next to make it even more valuable to the customer.

We mean exactly that. You can use the system at no charge for the first two years. Not only that, if you choose to leave our service, you can take the site with its design and your content with you.

We understand. Today, so many unscrupulous marketers try to trick people. We don’t do that! We truly need early adopters so much that we are willing to offer a first one at no charge. Think of it like priming a pump.

If you are not selected for the no-charge website-as-a-service, then you have several choices:

  • Ask us to not contact you anymore. We will honor that request. We treat people how we want to be treated.
  • Ask us questions about how to improve your current site and strategy. We have a lot of expertise in the space and would be happy to answer questions as time allows. There would be no obligation, just friendly advice for having participated in our process.
  • Ask us to keep you up with the winner’s progress and their custom site build. We won’t spam you, just send updates.
  • Ask us to build you a site anyway. Maybe our dad will let us offer a discount seeing as we need more early adopters. We just can’t give them all away for free. We have expenses associated with each site (staffing, technology, hosting, etc.). But again, it doesn’t hurt to ask for an early adopter discount.

Well, sort of... We have carefully selected website makeover prospects based on certain criteria. We know that your organization meets most of it. We would need to look at that company and see if they fit the criteria. Just fill out the form, then we’ll chat with you.

The sites we build are custom. We use this phrase to describe them: "custom, made-to-measure, pattern-based, B2B the shortest possible time!"

Right now, using our Sprint-to-MVP process, we build custom, made-to-measure, pattern-based sites in 4–6 weeks. If you didn’t know, that is super fast for a custom site that follows industry standards and best practices.

That’s an awesome question. We love to talk about this...but it’s a little long.

Our years of experience in designing and developing websites for businesses repeatedly showed us that the old way was broken. Our research also showed that the old way was leaving large segments of the B2B marketplace behind. So, we developed these theories:

  • Website designs have evolved into predictable and reusable patterns, so long, drawn-out, cumbersome design processes are unnecessary.
  • Owning and maintaining the necessary server infrastructure is a challenging and risky burden that business shouldn’t have to take on. So we thought maybe we could bear that burden. After all, you don’t have to own a building or a fleet of vehicles to do business effectively, so why not apply the same thinking to things like websites.
  • Many B2B organizations don’t have sufficient talent to properly care and feed a viable website or marketing technology stack, so maybe we could do it for them.

We call it a "Tchotchke Ambush!"

A trinket, a bauble, a thing of nominal value. Things you might get at a trade show.

Sorry! Our “parents” gave us a budget and we spent it all.