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Bridging a business transformation go-to-market gap, in the shortest possible time

How Experis Solutions took their new business model to market.

The Need/Pain/Problem

The Experis Solutions group was underrepresented in their corporate website and needed a website to showcase their business model change more quickly than their corporate web team could handle. They also needed a model where they could test new product concepts away from the primary site.

The Solution

Using our Sprint-to-MVP process and Online Marketing Platform-as-a-Service, we began with our pre-built backlog, our reference architecture, web content management, and hosting deployment package. We then led the Experis Solutions leadership through a series of one-week Agile sprints to get their custom, made-to-measure, MVP site up and ready for content in the shortest possible time.

What they received

  • A custom crafted, pattern-based, made-to-measure, best practices, and accessible website.
  • Fully-dedicated and independent hosting (dedicated memory, CPU, and SSD storage independent of any other sites).
  • Completely hands-free, managed infrastructure.
  • Speed oriented architecture (object and page caching, IPv6 support, and a CDN).
  • Built-in Google Analytics dashboard, statistics, and reports.
  • SEO-ready architecture and tools.
  • Security and confidence with integrated security suite, web application firewall, and scheduled incremental backups.
  • An enterprise configuration that enables the rapid deployment of branded subsites and microsites.

Designed, set up, configured, and launched in about a month!

If you would like a custom, made-to-measure, best practices, B2B website in the shortest possible time, reach out.